Husqvarna K760 II Concrete

Our best-selling all-purpose
power cutter is lightweight, with
every detail developed with
ergonomics in mind. The
outstanding power-to-weight
ratio and exceptionally low
vibrations (below 2.5 m /s2)
mean you can work longer
without having to worry about
vibration monitoring.

We still offer parts and
accessories for the
K750 saw.
Husqvarna K3000 Cut n

Our Cut-n-Break method is the
natural choice when you need to
cut deep but want a machine with
low tool and maintenance costs.
The K 3000 Cut-N-Break enables
you to cut as deep as 16" from
one side. Suitable for flush
cutting close to walls and floors
as well as for smaller jobs like
window openings where you
want to avoid overcutting at the

Husqvarna Cut n Break
Blade Sets
Husqvarna K1260
Gas Powered Cutoff Saw

When it comes to handheld gas
driven cutters for power hungry
jobs with blades up to 16" and
cutting depths up to 6", the
Husqvarna K 1260, our largest
model, is in a class of its own.  
With a large and powerful
engine, this full size machine is
also easy to operate.  The
Husqvarna K1260, with an
impressive 7.8 hp output, is the
market's most powerful cutter.
Husqvarna - Partner K2500
Hydraulic Concrete Cutoff

The Husqvarna K2500 hydraulic
cutoff saw works with a
traditional 16" blade and is
frequently used for pre-cutting
where the job is finished with a
K3600 MK II.  The K2500 is
surprisingly light and
maneuverable, powerful and
durable, so you can work
efficiently and comfortably for
longer periods.  As you avoid
exhaust fumes and high noise
levels, it is particularly
well-suited to working indoors.
Husqvarna - Partner K3000
Electric Cut off Saw and
Husqvarna K3000 Wet

The Husqvarna K3000 is one of
the market's most powerful and
versatile electric power cutters,
showcasing a number of
attractive features.  The machine
provides several new options
and possibilities for cutting both
indoors and outdoors.  With an
impressive 1,800 W, there is
enough power for cutting depths
of 5".  The Husqvarna K3000 is
ideal for rapid and simple
on-site cutting and adjustment
of building components, pipes,
reinforcing steel, struts, etc.
Husqvarna - Partner K3600
MK II Hydraulic Ring Saw

The Husqvarna K3600 MK II is a
ringsaw with unique
performance and features.  The
rim drive system allows an
impressive 10" cutting depth. Its
power-to-weight ratio and
hydraulic drive make for a highly
efficient and maneuverable
handheld power cutter.  It is well
suited for a wide range of
applications.  The combination
of large cutting depth and high
capacity with minimal set-up
time make the K3600 MK II ring
saw one of the most productive
tools in the business.
Husqvarna - Partner K40
Air Powered Demo Saw

The Husqvarna K40 is a
powerful and reliable
air-powered industrial power
cutters are perfect for use
indoors or outdoors with access
to compressed air.  They feature
a long, slim body, with good
weight distribution and fine
balance laterally and between
the handles.  An air-powered
Husqvarna cutoff saw is a
convenient alternative for
working outdoors where the air
change rate is low, such as in
pipeline trenches, in deep
foundation sites and on marine
Husqvarna K970 Chain
Concrete Chain Saw

Diamond Chains for the
Husqvarna K970 Concrete
Chain Saw

The Husqvarna K960 Chain is a
gas powered diamond chain
saw with a diamond chain.  It is
based on the popular K960
power cutter and includes all of
its technical and ergonomic
advantages.  With a concrete
chainsaw, you get better access
in tight situations, better control
and avoid gyro forces which
allows for sharp corners without
overcutting.  Make up to 15"
deep cuts from one side.  Used
in combination with a traditional
power cutter to make initial cuts
provides the fastest and most
economical technique for deep
cutting in concrete.
Husqvarna K970 Ring Gas
Powered Ring Saw

The Husqvarna K960 Ring is
the world's first gas powered
cutter to be able to make 10"
deep cuts with a 14" diamond
blade.  We have quite simply
combined our unique - and
patented - Ringsaw technology,
where the blade is driven fro the
rim of the blade instead of its
center, with the strong, easy to
handle gas powered cutter, the
Husqvarna K960.
Husqvarna K760 Cut n Break

The Husqvarna K760
Cut-n-Break is a power cutter
with a unique method for cutting
deep, up to 16", at an extremely
low tooling cost.  The K760
Cut-n-Break has a wide range of
applications.  It is ideal for use on
window and door openings
where you do not want
overcutting at the corners.

Husqvarna Cut n Break
Blade Sets
Husqvarna K1260 Rail Gas
Powered Rail Cutting Saw

Rail Traffic with high-speed
trains and welded rails call for
efficient, high precision cutters.  
Because welded rails are
subject to considerable tension
as the temperature fluctuates,
every cut has to be at a perfect
right angle if the rail is to
withstand the stresses involved
and avoid displacement or
Featuring the New K970 II
The new Husqvarna K 970 is our latest and most powerful handheld power cutter,
featuring the revolutionary X-Torq® engine technology. It is a unique machine, in a class
of its own when it comes to emission levels, efficiency and maneuverability.  Perfect for
the concrete professional, who needs more power and deeper cutting.
Husqvarna Powercutters / concrete cutoff saws
Enjoy highly convenient and powerful power cutting.

As a world leader in handheld power cutters and diamond tools, our range includes gas, hydraulic, pneumatic
and electrical machines. You can always find the perfect machine and tool for any job, so you can work with
great precision, less effort and optimal efficiency.