Husqvarna K2500
16" Hydraulic Concrete
and Steel Cutoff Saw

The Husqvarna K2500 cutoff saw
features high power output with
hydraulic operation

Wet cutting kit is included with the
Husqvarna K2500 Hydraulic Cutoff Saw

The Husqvarna K2500 hydraulic concrete saw works with a
traditional 16" blade and is frequently used for pre-cutting
where the job is finished with a K3600 MK II.  The K2500
hydraulic cutoff saw is surprisingly light and maneuverable,
powerful and durable, so you can work efficiently and
comfortably for longer periods.  As you avoid exhaust fumes
and high noise levels, it is particularly well-suited to working

  • Capacity for 16" blade
  • High power output w/ hydraulic operation
  • Servo for motor speed control
  • Reversible cutting arm for cutting closer to wall and
  • Perfect balance for horizontal cutting
  • Wet cutting kit is standard
7HP, 2500 psi max, 10 gal/min, 6" cutting depth

The Husqvarna K2500 is surprisingly light and maneuverable
and gives a high cutting speed at a lower cost than a hydraulic

The Husqvarna K2500 hydraulic cutoff saw features the new
DEX dust-handling system, providing cleaner cutting with less
water usage
To place an order or if you have
questions about the
Husqvarna K2500 hydraulic concrete
cutoff saw, please call
The Husqvarna K2500 is an excellent precutting saw for the K3600 MK II Hydraulic concrete saw