Diamond chains for Husqvarna concrete chainsaws

PXC 45 is a general purpose diamond chain is used to cut hard materials such as granite or
hard brick

ELC 45 is a general purpose concrete chain used to cut lightly reinforced concrete, concrete
pipes and other precast concrete

SLC 45 is a general purpose diamond chain used to cut lightly reinforced concrete, precast
concrete and concrete pipes at an economical price

ELC 70 chain is used to cut concrete block, green concrete, limestone and sandstone

All Husqvarna diamond chains are fast cutting with depths to 15" ;32 segments/64 drive links
and a total segment height of .200" diamond depth.

Please call if you need help selecting the correct diamond chain for your
Husqvarna K950
cylinder and piston
Husqvarna K960
and K950 air filters
Diamond Chains
for ICS Gas and
Chains for Partner
Husqvarna K950,
K960 and K970
Husqvarna 14" Bar and
Diamond Chain for
K960 / K970 Chain -
Also Fits
Partner K950 Chain saw
How to change the diamond chain on your Husqvarna K970 concrete chainsaw
Husqvarna SLC45 14"
Diamond Chain for concrete
Husqvarna K970 Chain
Concrete Cutting Chain Saw
K970 Concrete Chain Saw - Shop for
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(Chain Sold Separately)

Ideal for corner cuts, the petrol power cutter
Husqvarna K 970 Chain has a unique cutting depth,
allowing you to cut 15" from one side. It can also
make openings as small as 9", which makes it
perfect for irregularly shaped openings. Ideal for
cutting minor adjustments to window and door
openings, when you don't want to over-cut the

  • Makes 15" deep cuts from one side
  • Large spray guard
  • Specially designed hand protection
  • SmartCarb ensures high power is retained
  • 94cc, 6.1HP, 14" bar, 15" cutting depth, 20.7

This saw is great for the concrete cutting
professional who needs a dependable cutter, that
is fast and cuts deep into concrete.  For the
contractor who only needs to cut a deep hole
occasionally, and needs a lower cost per cut, try the
K760 Cut n Break.