Husqvarna Cut n Break blade sets - Diamond blades for powercutters, cutoff saws, ring
saws & concrete chainsaws
We now have Soff Cut diamond blades for
Husqvarna Early Entry Soff Cut Saws
EL35 CnB Cut n Break
Blade Set for gas saw
We now stock a wide range of diamond chain for ICS concrete cutting chainsaws.
We have chain and bars to fit ics gas and hydraulic concrete chainsaws
We stock conversion kits for ICS hydraulic saws using F4 chain, and we now have
X type diamond chains for use on 880 and 853 Pro chainsaws using proforce chain.
We have 9" and 10" Bar and Chain sets for Redzaw RZ60,
ICS 603gc and 814pro chain saws.
We also have Diamond Chain and Bar combos for for ICS 823 / 853 hydraulic chain
EL10 CnB Electric Cut n
Break Blade Set
DCI Diamond Chain for ICS, Partner and Husqvarna Concrete Chainsaws
1.Simply faster than any other diamond chains in the market.
2.Reduced vibration compared to any other diamond chain.
3.Markedly high cost effectiveness.
4.Extra high tool life.

DCI’s Hydraulic Concrete Chain:

Up to 32% Improvement in Cutting Speed*
Up to 20% Improvement in Life of Chain*
Up to 50% Reduction in Vibration Levels*

*Compared to brand Y 880F4

DCI’s Gas Chain:
Up to 49% Improvement in Cutting Speed*
Up to 51% Improvement in Life of Chain*
Up to 55% Reduction in Vibration Levels*

*Compared to brand Y TwinMax Plus
Husqvarna 14" Bar and Diamond
Chain for K960 / K970 Chain -
Also Fits
Partner K950 Chain saw
Diamond Ringsaw
Husqvarna SLC45 14"
Diamond Chain for concrete
Fits Partner / Husqvarna K950, K960 /
14" Diamond Chain w/ bar for Partner
K950 / Husqvarna K960 / K970 Chain Saw
Husqvarna HI5 Diamond Blade
The HI5 is a blade used for fast cutting of a wide variety of
materials on the first pass, such as cured concrete and
brick. This all-purpose diamond blade has aggressive
notched segments that grab and grind material for a
rapid first cut.