Husqvarna K40 14"
Pneumatic Cutoff Saw for
Steel and Concrete

Wet cutting kit included with the
Husqvarna K40 cutoff saw
Husqvarna K40 Air-Powered Cutoff Saw
Husqvarna K40

The powerful and reliable Husqvarna K40 Pneumatic concrete
saw is perfect for indoor or outdoor use with access to
compressed air.  The K40 features a long, slim body, with good
weight distribution and fine balance laterally and between the
handles.  An air-powered Husqvarna cutoff saw is a convenient
alternative for working outdoors where the air change rate is
low, such as in pipeline trenches, in deep foundation sites and
on marine docks.

  • Automatic mist lubrication reduces water usage
  • Reversible cutting arm is for cutting closer to walls and
  • Slim body with perfect balance
  • Ideal for use indoors or in dust-sensitive areas
  • Wet cutting kit is standard
100-125 CFM, 100 PSI, 4.3HP, 5" cutting depth

The Husqvarna K40 pneumatic concrete saw is perfect for
concrete cutting jobs in construction, engineering and
shipbuilding industries.

The K40 Air powered cutoff saw is an obvious choice for use
indoors where the ventilation is poor; in pipe trenches, deep
building foundations, shipyard docks, etc.

We sell a wide range of diamond blades for use with the
Husqvarna K40 Pneumatic Cutoff Saw
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Husqvarna K40 pneumatic concrete saw
Husqvarna K40 saw parts
Husqvarna K40 Pneumatic Concrete Saw Features

Air motor
Automatic mist lubrication
Replaceable arbor bushing
Automatic mist lubrication.
Slim body with perfect balance.
Ideal for use indoors or in dust-sensitive areas.


Engine Air
Air Flow min: 0.1 cfm max: 0.12 cfm
Air Pressure 7 kp/cm²
Power output 4.3 hp(I)
Cutting equipment
Blade diameter 14 inch
Max cutting depth 5 inch
Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 21.8 lbs
Vibrations front handle 9.5 m/s²
Vibrations rear handle 5.2 m/s²
Daily Vibration E XP® osure (A8) 3.36 m/s²
Daily Vibration Time (Time factor) 1 h
Daily Vibration (Aeqv) 9.5 m/s²
Sound and noise
Sound level 92 dB(A)
Sound power level, LWA 107 dB(A)