Wacker Concrete
(Electric - Internal)

Wacker HMS Internal Concrete Vibrator

Wacker M1000, M2000 and M3000 Vibrator Power Units, Flexible
Shafts and Heads

Economical concrete consolidation for every need - The electrically driven
Wacker HMS system is extremely versatile.  These high frequency flex-shaft
Wacker concrete vibrators can be adapted to every type of application.  
Heads and shafts can be easily combined and rapidly exchanged to match
the right equipment to the job.  Unique hybrid heads offer optimum concrete
consolidation and movement.  A Wacker concrete vibrator provides reliable
performance and quality concrete.

  • The exclusive shape of the high amplitude hybrid heads provides
    excellent consolidation and movement of concrete.

  • Quick and easy flex-shaft replacement with the quick disconnect
    coupling.  Shafts and vibrator heads can be arranged in many
    desired combinations

  • Grounded vibrator motor for improved safety

  • Dual air filters extend vibrator motor life and allow for easier

  • Wacker concrete vibrators are ideally suited for on-site vibration of
    concrete for foundations, walls, columns and slab work; also for in-
    plant vibration during the production of pipes, slabs, beams, double
    Ts, columns and walls.
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Wacker Vibrator Kits

Wacker HMS KIT-M1000-SM2E-H25HA - 1.3HP motor, 6.5' Flexshaft and 1" Head

Wacker HMS KIT-M2000-SM2S-H35HA - 2.3HP motor, 6.5' Flexshaft and 1 3/8" Head

Wacker HMS KIT-M2000-SM3S-H35HA - 2.3HP motor, 10' Flexshaft and 1 3/8" Head

Wacker HMS KIT-M2000-SM4S-H35HA - 2.3HP motor, 13' Flexshaft and 1 3/8" Head

Wacker HMS KIT-M2000-SM2S-H45HA - 2.3HP motor, 6.5' Flexshaft and 1 3/4" Head

Wacker HMS KIT-M3000-SM2S-H50HA - 3.1HP motor, 6.5' Flexshaft and 2" Head

Wacker HMS KIT-M3000-SM3S-H50HA - 3.1HP motor, 10' Flexshaft and 2" Head

Wacker HMS KIT-M3000-SM4S-H50HA - 3.1HP motor, 13' Flexshaft and 2" Head

Wacker HMS KIT-M3000-SM3S-H65      - 3.1HP motor, 10' Flexshaft and 2 1/2" Head
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