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HBC 19
HBC 25
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Multiquip Rebar Cutters and Rebar Benders

Multiquip Rebar Cutters
Multiquip HBC 19, HBC 25 and BC 25 Rebar Cutter

The Powerful cutting strength of Multiquip rebar cutters enables one
operator to cut rebar faster and easier than with manual rebar cutters,
torches and cutoff saws.
Multiquip Rebar Cutters put enormous strength right in your hands.  
Slice through rebar safely and efficiently with the squeeze of a trigger.  
Compact, handheld rebar cutters move easily around any job site.
Use the HBC series rebar cutters for maximum versatility.  These
electro-hydraulic rebar cutters handle virtually any rebar cutting job,
from slabs and masonry walls to large buildings and bridges.  At only
27 to 48 lbs, the HBC rebar cutters are easily carried around the job
Use the BC 25 for high-production.  This electro-mechanical rebar
cutter can be bench mounted at the shop or operated on site from the
back of a pickup truck.  Continuous cycle mode maximizes speed and
efficiency.  Features a powerful 115V electric motor and blades for
quick, accurate cuts of rebar up to 1" thick.
Reliability is guaranteed.  Prior to delivery, each machine is subjected
to no-load test and actual load tests.

Multiquip MB 25HD Rebar Bender

Speed up production with the Multiquip MB 25HD Rebar Bender.  This
portable, operator friendly machine bends up to 1" diameter rebar in
Rollers and collars in a variety of diameters are included to bend a rull
range of bar sizes up to 1" diameter (#8 rebar).  A foot switch is
included for high production bending.  The MB 25HD Rebar Bender is
easy to operate and is practically maintenance free.

Multiquip MB 25HD Rebar Bender
  • Single phase, 115V universal motor
  • Compact design for use on the jobsite or in the shop
  • User-friendly design feature push button start and stop
  • Single control knob selects precise bending angle from 0-180
  • Electro-magnetic clutch is close-coupled to the motor
  • Motor runs only during bending operation for lower noise level
    and energy efficiency
  • Electro-mechanical design with sealed gear case prevents
    contamination and requires no maintenance
  • Four built-in lifting handles for portability
  • Tool kit included
  • Waterproof cover
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