Wacker Electric
Hydraulic Rebar

RCE 16
RCE 20
RCE 25
RCP 12
RCP 16
RCP 20
RCP 25
RCP 32
Wacker Electric Hydraulic Rebar Cutter

Wacker RCP 12, RCP 16, RCP 20, RCP 25 and RCP 32
Premium Electric-Hydraulic Rebar Cutter

Wacker RCE 16, RCE 20 and RCE 25 Rebar Cutter

Easy and efficient rebar cutting - Wacker electric hydraulic rebar
cutter series offers efficient and easy cutting and bending of rebar.  
The cost per cut is lower when using an electric hydraulic Wacker
rebar cutter than it is when using alternative techniques, plus the
operator is not exposed to noise or flying sparks.  A Wacker rebar
cutter offers clean and quick cuts for applications with different
rebar diameters bringing versatility and high productivity to any job

  • Electric hydraulic Wacker rebar cutters offer fast cutting of
    reinforcing steel bars providing efficient results and quiet
  • These durable Wacker rebar cutters have been designed to
    withstand extreme loads.  The unique design makes them
    ideal for many applications on job sites where portability
    and flexibility are necessary.
  • The patented Wacker RCP 20 and RCP 25 rebar cutters
    feature an interchangeable head mechanism
  • With their unique design, the Wacker RCP 12 and RCP 16
    offer maximum ergonomics and cutting efficiency for many
  • The pressure relief valve on the premium cutters is
    accessible without the need for tools
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Wacker Electric Rebar Cutters feature - feature easy and efficient rebar cutting

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