Diaphragm Pumps

Multiquip Diaphragm Pumps MQD2 / MQD3

Multiquip MQD3H and Multiquip MQD2H Diaphragm Pump

Long a favorite of the rental industry, Multiquip diaphragm pumps deliver
dependable performance and low maintenance in an economical
package.  Multiquip diaphragm pumps are ideal for the slow seepage
applications where a centrifugal water pump would ordinarily lose its
prime.  They are perfect for muddy water, sludge or any water with a high
percentage of solids.

  • Multiquip diaphragm pumps feature Positive Displacement Design
  • The MQD3H and MQD2H feature a positive displacement design for
    quick, easy priming.
  • Oil Bath Transmission - Includes built-in 6:1 gear reduction - allows
    use of engines with standard parallel keyed shafts
  • Engines - Dependable, easy starting Honda overhead valve (OHV)
  • Wheel kits standard on both Multiquip MQD3H and MQD2H.
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Multiquip diaphragm pumps
We stock Multiquip diaphragm pump parts, hoses and
We stock Multiquip pump
parts for the MQD2H and
MQD3H pumps including;
seals, flapper valves,
diaphragms, o rings, air
filters, fuel tanks, ignition
coils, carburetors, pull
starters, wheels and