AGT - Ambient Glow Technology
Glow in the Dark Stones, Aggregates and Sand for Exposed Aggregate and other Decorative Concrete Applications
Glow in the Dark Concrete Driveway
Dowd Supply Co
491 CR 4412
Poplar Bluff, MO  63901
Emerald Glowing River Rock
Sky Blue Glowing River Rock
Aqua Glowing River Rock
Aqua Glow Stones
Sky Blue Glow Stones
Emerald Glow Stones
Aqua Glow Sand
Sky Blue Glow Sand
Emerald Tumbled Glow
Stones - (great for pool decks)
Sky Blue
Concrete Overlay Kit
Our AGT™ line of commerical-grade aggregates & coatings feature the highest luminosity and longest afterglow
scientifically possible. What this means to users is that any concrete, cement, terrazzo, epoxy or stucco project
which utilizes AGT™ will actually transform these surfaces into renewable LEED-friendly 'accent' lighting sources.

AGT™ allows your interior/exterior concrete, cement, stucco or epoxy projects to illuminate for over 10+ hours
after being exposed to a light source for only 10 minutes and requires NO ELECTRICITY!!!

Our self-emitting light technology transforms your interior and exterior projects into unique, safety-conscious,
alternative light sources which actually decrease the use of ambient electrical lighting by 80%.
Glowing landsape
with AGT stones
Glowing pour in place
Glow in the dark pool decks