Ashler Slate Concrete Stamp
Large Ashler Slate Stamp
Grand Ashler Slate Stamp
Matcrete concrete stamps - Three Dimensional Texturing Tools used to create the appearance of natural materials such as Brick,
Cobblestone, Slate, Stone, Tile and Wood in an array of styles and designs.

Ashler patterns are made up of random sized pieces of slate and stone and are suitable for both commercial and residential applications.  
The hand chiseled slate of Matcrete ashler slate define the genuine feel of classic notched ashler pattern.  Our Extra Large Ashler Slate
stamp was developed with large pieces of elegant slate.  This deep jointed pattern provides a beautiful look and a natural appearance.  
Built with various sizes of blue stone, Matcrete La Habra ashler slate is a perfect medium for patios, plazas and courtyards.
Rough blue stone, hand cut and arranged in an ashler pattern make up the Matcrete Random Ashler Stone stamp.  

Ashler slate concrete stamps include:

Ashler Slate
Ashler Stone
Extra Large Ashler Slate
Grand Ashler Slate
La Habra Ashler Slate
Large Ashler Slate
Random Ashler Stone
Royal Ashler Slate
York Stone

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Learn how to stamp concrete - this link opens a youtube video showing how to use concrete
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