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The professional cut-off saw offers a unique long-term air filter system that delivers an extraordinary
filtering capacity and durability. This makes the cut-off saw extremely productive, since the maintenance
intervals are lengthened significantly. In addition, the high-torque engine increases the cutting
performance. Since the hand-arm acceleration levels are less than 5 m/s², it is possible for an operator to
work with the cut-off saw for eight continuous hours per day.

3-stage air filter system with high-performance cyclone filter, foam prefilter and paper filter for very long
maintenance intervals
The innovative soft start ensures that the machine starts up with very little effort.
A high-torque engine increases cutting performance and thus productivity
Cutting blade guard with all-round marking of the cutting blade position for precise guidance and exact
A durable design ensures great reliability
First-class vibration damping with hand-arm vibrations less than 5 m/s² and an optimized spacing
between the handles provides greater operator comfort

BTS 635 S Technical Data

Displacement = 5.2
Weight = 24.9
Power = 5.8
Length x width x height = 32.5 x 12.4 x 15.7
Drive engine = single cylinder two-cycle gasoline engine
Fuel to oil ratio = 50:1
Fuel consumption = 2.4
Arbor diameter = 1.0
Nominal blade speed = 4240
Cutting depth - max. = 5.0
Disc diameter - max. = 13.8
Fuel tank capacity = 1.2 qt
Disc diameter - min. = 11.8
Range - max. = 0.2
Wacker concrete saw parts -
BTS630, BTS635, BTS930, BTS935, BTS1030 and
BTS1035 parts
We stock air filters, fuel filters, recoil starters, carburetors,
ignition coils, clutches, spark plugs, mufflers, cylinders, pistons,
pistons rings and complete overhaul kits.
High Quality Aftermarket Cylinder and Piston
Assembly for
Wacker BTS1035, BTS935 / Makita
DPC7310, 7311/
Dolmar PC7312, 7314, 6435 w/ deco valve on
Wacker BTS 1035 Top End Kit  

Decompression valve is on the
left side of this cylinder