Wacker Oil injected 2 Stroke Jumping Jack Tamper - Wacker Oil Injected
Vibratory Rammers feature a unique, patented oil-injection system that
provides reliable performance by eliminating spark plug fouling and carbon
buildup.  The no-mix system is an added convenience for operators.  Plus
an amazing fuel to oil ratio of 120:1 allows for longer and cleaner running
times.  Up to 65 hours on a single tank of oil with this Wacker packer.
Wacker Four Cycle Vibratory Rammer - Wacker 4 cycle Jumping Jacks
deliver outstanding performance - Add Wacker's exclusive WM 90 4-cycle
engine to the preferred vibratory tamper design in the industry, and you
have a winning combination.  - Models include:
Wacker DS 70 Diesel Rammer Tamper - Wacker's diesel rammer offers
maximum production, performance and durability while providing you the
convenience of standardizing your diesel fleet.  
Multiquip Mikasa Diesel Rammer - Multiquip's diesel powered rammer
tampers and jumping jacks are perfect for heavy duty compaction work -
and on job sites where diesel fuel is required - They are ideal for job sites
with hazardous conditions such as petrochemical plants and fuel refineries
where gas powered equipment is restricted.  Mikasa diesel tamper models
Mikasa MT 86D2 Diesel Tamper
Mikasa MT 76D2 Diesel Tamper

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Multiquip Mikasa Four Cycle Rammer Tamper - Multiquip has built a
reputation on manufacturing the most innovative, lowest maintenance and
most productive jumping jacks in the business - Multiquip Mikasa Four
Cycle tampers are designed for high efficiency with lower exhaust
emissions, less noise and better fuel economy than standard two-cycle
rammers.  Mikasa gas powered tamper models include:
MTX 70 Multiquip Tamper
MTX 60
MTX 80
MTX 90
MT 55F
Two Cycle, Four Cycle, and Diesel Jumping Jacks from Wacker, Dynapac, MBW and Multiquip Mikasa - A
rammer tamper is ideal for compaction of granular and cohesive soil in narrow or confined spaces - These are heavy duty rammer
tampers and jumping jacks from the biggest brand names in the construction industry
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We stock Multiquip Mikasa, MBW, Stone and
Wacker rammer parts
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