Wacker WP1550 Vibratory Plate Compactor - Premium Wacker plate
compactors feature a durable baseplate for various soil applications -
Premium Wacker asphalt plates feature large capacity polyethylene
water tank for a variety of applications.
Wacker VP Series Value Plate Compactor - A VP Series Wacker plate
compactor proves that performance is valuable - Wacker Value Plates
offer functionality and performance at a value price.  The guide handle
with vibration damping means longer work hours and less fatigue for
the operator - Specially designed exciter bearings reduce maintenance
on this Wacker packer and are suitable for hot asphalt applications.  VP
Multiquip Mikasa Plate Compactor - Multiquip's Mikasa brand plate
compactors and Mikasa asphalt plates are recognized as the industry
standard for compacting granular soils and asphalt - Thousands of
satisfied users know that a Multiquip plate tamper has it all - top
performance, easy handling, low maintenance and long life.
Dynapac Soil and Asphalt Plate Compactor - Dynapac asphalt plates
are efficient and easily maneuverable vibratory plates designed for all
types of asphalt compaction operations.  A Dynapac soil plate is
suitable for all types of granular soils.
LF70, LF90
LF90, LF15
LF 140, LX90
LF45, LF62, LF82
Vibratory Soil and Asphalt Plate Compactors and from Wacker,
Dynapac and Multiquip Mikasa
Walk behind vibratory packers for light compaction of soil and asphalt
Great for compacting sub base materials, underneath concrete flatwork
We stock parts for Wacker, Stone, Mikasa and MBW
plate compactors
We stock Stone
compactor parts and