Construction Laser Levels, Horizontal and Vertical Self Leveling Lasers, Magnetic Laser Detector/Receivers from
Hilti and Agatec - red beam and green beam pipe lasers from Hilti -
construction laser tools for layout, leveling and alignment
Hilti Self Leveling Laser Levels and Interior Laser Packages - Hilti
measuring systems are designed to save time and reduce the
number of people needed to perform measuring, estimating,
leveling and alignment tasks.  Using highly accurate,
state-of-the-art technology, Hilti laser systems are designed for
easy operation and jobsite durability.  Models include:
Hilti PRI 2
Hilti PR 20
Hilti PR 25-IF
Hilti PP10 and PP11 Pipe Lasers - Easy to operate pipe laser
featuring remote controlled horizontal beam adjustment.  Maximum
accuracy provided through automatic transverse axis height control
technology.  Hilti pipe lasers are the ultimate tool for convenient
pipe laying work.  Available in red or green beam, up to 24 hours of
continuous operation, water and dust resistant pipe laser.  Models
Hilti PP10 Red Beam Pipe Laser
Hilti PP11 Green Beam Pipe Laser
Agatec General Construction Leveling Lasers - No vials or screws
to rough level, Agatec self leveling lasers are designed to be
rugged and reliable in tough job site conditions.  Agatec laser
levels are ideal for checking elevations, setting forms, digging
footings, screeding concrete and much more.  Agatec laser models
Agatec Magnetic Mount Laser Receivers and Remote Displays -
The MR360R offers accurate grade information for all visual
machine control applications.  Large magnets allow quick mount
and easy movement from machine to machine.  The MR240 Laser
Receiver is ideal for use with backhoes and mini excavators.  It
offers the convenience of a machine-mounted display at an
economical price.  
The Agatec MR220 Laser Detector is a versatile receiver that
mounts directly to a backhoe or clamps on a measuring rod.
Agatec MR360R Laser Receiver Agatec MR240 Laser Receiver
Agatec MR220 Detector
Construction Lasers from Hilti, Wacker and Agatec