Gas Powered Diaphragm Trash Pumps available from Wacker, Multiquip and Tsurumi -
Diaphragm pumps built for the toughest jobsite conditions - a diaphragm trash pump is perfect for slow seepage areas
with high solid content - Please call for help with Wacker, Tsurumi and Multiquip diaphragm pump parts
Wacker Diaphragm Pumps - Diaphragm trash pumps for jobs no other pumps
can handle - A Wacker diaphragm trash pump can move anything that flows.  
Built with high quality components, you will be assured of many years of top
performance and durability.  Designed to handle solids up to 1 3/4 inches, ideal
for dewatering mud slurries and seepage areas.  Wacker diaphragm pump
models include:
Wacker PDT2
Wacker PDI/T2A
Wacker PDT3
Wacker PDI/T3A
Multiquip Diaphragm Pumps - Long a favorite of the rental industry, a Multiquip
diaphragm pump deliver dependable performance and low maintenance in an
economical package.  They are ideal for the slow seepage applications where a
centrifugal pump would ordinarily lose its prime.  A diaphragm pump is perfect for
muddy water, sludge or any water with a high percent of solids.  2 and 3 inch
Multiquip diaphragm pumps feature a positive displacement design for quick,
easy priming. Multiquip diaphragm pump models include:
Tsurumi Diaphragm Trash Pumps - Powerful sand, mud and sludge handling
diaphragm pump - A Tsurumi diaphragm pump is capable of continuous dry
operation for seepage dewatering - Featuring a heavy duty Honda gas engine
with oil sensor, durable TPE diaphragm and check valves for extended wear life
and balanced wheel / handle assembly, Tsurumi diaphragm trash pumps are of
the best quality.  
Tsurumi diaphragm pump models include:
Tsurumi TD4-200
Tsurumi TD4-300
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Tsurumi diaphragm pump parts
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