Multiquip Whiteman Power
Trowels and
Concrete Finishers

Multiquip Whiteman Walk Behind Power Trowel and
Whiteman Finishing Machine

Multiquip's Whiteman Concrete Trowels continue to be the
number one choice of the concrete industry.  With over 60 years of
design and manufacturing experience, no other power trowel can
match our quality, reliability or performance.
A complete range of concrete troweling machines is available with
finishing widths ranging from 24" to 48" and rotor speeds up to
180 RPM.
Every Whiteman power trowel is run tested as it comes off the
assembly line to ensure every machine meets our customer's

C Series 24" Concrete Troweling Machine
Rotating ring makes it ideal for finishing around plumbing pipes
and edges.  Features a 3.5 HP Honda engine with a choice of
either folding QuickPitch handle or standard knob pitch handle.

M Series Power Trowel 30" Width
Versatile finishing machine provides good coverage and is
compact enough to fit through most doorways.

J Series Concrete Trowel 36" Width
Our most popular mid-size concrete trowel.  Generous coverage
and performance are trademarks of this proven performer.

E-Series 36" Width
Reduced rotor speeds provide smooth application of epoxy
coatings.  Lightweight aluminum guard ring and spider assembly
reduce operating weight for optimum performance.

HD Series 48" Width
These power trowels feature our heavy-duty gearbox and spider
assembly along with high-horsepower Honda engines.
The 11.1 HP model features a CVT clutch that spins the rotor to a
top speed of 180 RPM.

Every Whiteman power trowel handle is designed with
both ergonomics and performance in mind.

Standard Handle
- A favorite of contractors who prefer to have
infinite blade pitch control.  The large knob makes it easy to
increase or decrease blade pitch to the desired angle.

QuickPitch Handle - A patented design enables the operator to
react rapidly to changing concrete conditions.  Blade pitch is
increased or decreased in 1/8" increments by moving the pitch
handle back and forth.

We sell combination and finish blades for Whiteman power trowel

Other Multiquip troweling machine accessories include:  
Grinding disc assembly for B-Series trowels
Replacement grinding disc for B-Series trowels
Grinding stone assembly for J Series power trowels
Replacement grinding stone for J-Series power trowels

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