Wacker Generators - GP Series

Wacker GP2500A, GP2600, GP3800A, GP4000, GP5600,
GP6600 and GPS9700V Portable Generator

Wacker generators - Portable power, when and where you need it.
Designed for construction, rental and other demanding applications, these
portable Wacker generators deliver unmatched tool starting and voltage
regulation in a rugged, compact package.  High performance, Wacker premium
portable generators to fit your job and your budget.  Wacker generators feature
a heavy-duty, lightweight compact frame that provides jobsite protection while
reducing storage space requirements.  Wacker gasoline generators are built
for construction, industrial, commercial, domestic and farm applications

  • Full system ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) module offers
    operator protection on all receptacles including 240 V twistlock.  
    (Available on GP 3800A and larger units only.)
  • Oversized fuel tank on all models for long, uninterrupted operation also
    features an easy to read fuel gauge.  A super quiet muffler allows for
    operation under all conditions.
  • Wacker generators feature a unique auto idle control with time delay
    system automatically reduces the engine to a low speed reducing fuel
    consumption, noise and wear on connected electrical loads.
  • Superior motor starting compared to standard generator designs due to
    rotating field generator end with automatic voltage regulation and
    separate excitation winding.
  • Wacker generators with lifting eye offer the most compact package size
    within their power class.  The folding lifting eye can accommodate a 3
    inch hook which also makes for easy transport.
  • Most Wacker premium generators feature a 120/240 volt power switch
    providing full 120 volt motor starting power or shared power from both
    120 and 240 volt receptacles.

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