Wacker HAL 300
Laser Level
Wacker VAL 300
Laser Level
Wacker Automatic Laser Levels

Wacker VAL 300, HAL 300 and PAL 450 Laser Level

Automatic Wacker laser levels promote productivity and accuracy - A well
accepted job site tool, Wacker laser levels have become a mainstream
product for construction contractors.  Wacker's complete line of automatic
laser levels will be essential to any job site.  Offering one-person and
one-button operation, these Wacker laser levels increase efficiency and
productivity.  Precision and accuracy are provided with this complete line
of laser levels.  Portable and easy to use, a Wacker automatic laser level
offers a reliable solution for concrete contractors.

Wacker VAL 300 - A fully automatic laser level featuring a diameter range
of 1000 feet (300 meters), rechargeable NiCd battery, weatherproof,
plastic housing and manual slope matching capabilities.

Wacker HAL 300 - This heavy duty automatic laser level features a
horizontal visible beam, a diameter range of 1000 feet, rechargeable
NiMh battery, a waterproof, metal housing and a sighting guide for
manual slope matching.

Wacker PAL 450 - A precision automatic laser level offering a 1500 foot
diameter range, accuracy of less than 1/16", four alkaline batteries for 100
hours of run time and excellent thermal performance in hot and cold
conditions.  An optional 6V rechargeable battery pack is also available.

Wacker laser levels are ideally suited for fine grading, forming, screeding,
plaster concrete topping and quality evaluation for concrete applications.
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