Wacker High Frequency
External Vibrators
AR36, AR51, AR52, AR54
and AR75
Wacker High Frequency External Vibrator
AR 36, AR 51, AR 52, AR 54 and AR 75

Job-proven dependability - There is no questioning the
long service life and long-term operating power of
Wacker external vibrators.  They offer maximum
performance under the most extreme applications with
continuous operation.  The vibration-proof and heat-
resistant coils in the electric motor as well as the special
heavy duty bearings provide for durability and reduced

Additional Advantages:

  • Optimally suited for the consolidation of concrete in
    combination with concrete forms, molds and vibrating
  • The frequency can be individually set (from 0 to 7200
    vibrations) when used in combination with an adjustable
    frequency inverter.  This feature minimizes sound
    emissions as well as increases consolidation
  • Three different fastening systems are offered:  On a base
    plate with a taper pin, with a quick-connect clamp device
    (for model sizes 4 and 5) or with a flanged attachment
    (different bore patterns available).
  • Units feature Class H insulation (up to 356 F or 180 C) for
    reliable, continuous operation.
  • All models are also available in special versions for all
    international standard frequencies and voltages.
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