Wacker Concrete Saw Gas Powered Walk
Behind Floor Saws
These saws have been discontinued,
but we still offer parts support

BFS 914B
BFS 1318AB
BFS 1318AS
BFS 2020AS
BFS 1350AL
Wacker Gas Powered Walk Behind Floor Saw for sawing
concrete and asphalt

Wacker BFS 914, BFS 914A, BFS 1318, BFS 1318 AS and BFS
2020AS Concrete Walk Behind Saw

Wacker walk behind concrete saws are ideally suited for a wide variety of
The BFS Wacker floor saw is ideal for all standard cutting applications.  
Most of the cutting tasks on the job site can be taken care of with versatility
and without complications.  This simple, well thought out design combines
high performance with easy handling, allowing for a variety of applications
without problems.

Wacker floor concrete saws feature extremely high cutting performance with
a cutting depth of 6.5 inches when using a 18" cutting blade
The BFS is so light that it can be easily lifted by two people
Water sprinklers on both sides of the cutting blade
Heavy duty Wacker engine provides outstanding performance

Wacker BFS 1350 AL, BFS 1350 ALS and BFS 2020 AS

  • These Wacker floor saws feature Quick-lift and infinitely adjustable
    cutting depth!
  • These Wacker saws offer 2 in 1: The infinitely adjustable cutting
    depth feature in combination with the unique cutmatic system.  This
    special mechanism allows the operator to pull the blade out of the
    cut with no effort and cutmatic remembers the exact preset cutting
    depth!  Because of this, the cutting depth does not need to be
    readjusted when lowering the blade once again.  The Wacker BFS
    1350 helps to carry out cutting applications faster, more precisely
    and more comfortably.

Diamond blade not included with Wacker concrete saw
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We offer diamond blades for wet and dry cutting cured concrete, wet cutting asphalt, cutting asphalt over concrete, wet cutting green concrete and
wet/dry cutting masonry, brick and block.
Need help selecting the right diamond blade for your walk behind concrete saw?  Give us a call at