The New Wacker
BH65 Gas Breaker
Wacker EH27
Low Vib Electric
Wacker BH24 Gasoline Breaker  Discontinued
We still offer many parts for the BH 24

Wacker BH24 Gas concrete breaker offers unbeatable power
and maximum productivity.

The Wacker BH 24 gas breaker brings reliability and high performance to
any job site.  Providing single blow energy of 65 Joules.  It is unsurpassed
in the gasoline breaker market due to the innovative percussion system
and the proven Wacker WM 80 engine.  Providing the best solution for
breaking and demolition, the Wacker BH 24 is also comfortable and easy to
use.  The fully spring mounted hood significantly reduces hand/arm
vibrations, making longer hours of operation possible.  By combining
strong demolition performance and low HAV values.  The Wacker BH24 gas
breaker provides maximum productivity.
The Wacker BH24 has been discontinued, but we still offer many Wacker
breaker parts.

Wacker EH27 Electric Standup Breaker

The new Wacker EH27 Low Vib electric breaker offer more power with less
hand arm vibration (HAV).  This newly engineered model has a leaf spring
dampening system that is the basis for the reduction of HAV to 5.5 m/s2,
providing the lowest HAV in its product class, and is a 28 percent reduction
from previous models.  The Wacker EH 27 Low Vib is the only machine in
the industry that dampens vibrations in the entire upper housing including
the handles which protects the user's body from vibrations, increasing
productivity through reduced fatigue and longer working duration.

An added benefit to this Wacker EH 27 Low Vib model is an increase in
power up to 18 percent.  The increase in power is a direct result of the lower
vibration, because the percussion system is able to work more efficiently.  
By far, the best way to experience the benefits of this product is by running
the machine.  When compared to competitive models, you can actually see
and feel the difference in the vibration and the increase in performance is
also obvious.

Wacker's new EH27 Low Vib's air percussion system offers high single
stroke energy with minimal machine weight creating the highest productivity
with "best in class" power to weight ratio.  The Wacker EH 27 Low Vib
weighs in at 60 lbs, hits with 37 ft.lbs of impact energy at a rate of 1000

Accessories available for EH27 and BH24 Wacker breakers include:

  • Moil point
  • 1" Chisel
  • 3" Chisel
  • 5" Asphalt Cutter
  • 2" Pin Driver
  • 2 1/2" Pin Driver
  • 6" Tamping Plate
  • Frost Wedge
  • Clay Spade
  • 3" Tie Tamper

3 Year Parts Discount applies to all chisels and bits for the Wacker BH24

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We sell parts for Wacker BH23 and BH24 concrete breakers including: spark plugs, air filters, piston
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