Wacker RD 7H ES
Double Drum
Vibratory Roller
Wacker RSS 800A
Single Drum
Vibratory Roller
We sell parts and
accessories for Wacker
RD11, RD16 and RD27
asphalt rollers.
Wacker Vibratory Single Drum
and Double Drum Rollers

Wacker RD 7H ES Double Drum Roller

Wacker's multipurpose roller for excellent productivity - The
Wacker RD 7H ES walk behind, double drum vibratory roller is
capable of performing a wide range of soil and asphalt
compaction applications.  The exclusive compact design allows
for tight side clearance on both sides of the roller.  Plus the totally
hydrostatic drive eliminates mechanical components providing
for less maintenance and greater reliability.

  • Dual smooth drums with beveled edges compact asphalt
    and granular materials equally as well for added job
  • Roller features a low oil shutdown for maximum engine
  • Unique clutch/pump drive system provides easy cold
    weather starting and allows for no-load starting of the
  • Guide handle folds for compact storage, and features
    excellent shock mounting for low vibration to the operator

Wacker RS 800A and RSS 800A
Single Drum Vibratory Roller

Ideal for smaller repair and maintenance jobs - The RS 800 is a
lightweight and highly maneuverable Wacker walk behind
vibratory roller has infinitely variable hydrostatic drive for smooth,
even acceleration.  Wacker single drum rollers are an excellent
choice for the compaction of walkways, bridges and parking lots.  
High curb clearance and close side clearance accommodates
work adjacent to curbs and walls

  • Automatic braking system in forward in reverse for greater
    operator safety
  • Beveled edge steel drum has adjustable and reversible
    polyurethane self-cleaning scrapers to prevent soil and
    asphalt buildup between the frame and the drum giving
    smooth and uniform surfaces
  • Transport drive system is fully enclosed, increasing
    component life for continued operation and higher
    production.  Maintenance-free drum drive is also fully
    enclosed to eliminated dirt and grease accumulation,
    reducing service time and increasing productivity
  • Large water tank reduces stops for refilling for continued
    operation and high productivity.  Snap-out sprinkling
    system and in-line filter screen are easily cleaned,
    reducing downtime

We sell parts for Wacker vibratory rollers including: air filters,
spark plugs, ignition coils, hydraulic lines, frame parts, hydraulic
pumps, voltage regulators, motors, handles and drums.  Please
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