Wacker RT 56 SC-2 and
RT 82 SC-2 Vibratory
Trench Rollers

Wacker Neuson trench
roller parts and
accessories for RT820,
RT82, RT560 models.
Wacker Vibratory Trench Roller Parts

Wacker RT 56-SC and Wacker RT 82-SC
Vibratory Trench Roller

Wacker articulated trench rollers feature a dual
joystick remote control box for easy steering.  This
"Smart Control" SC system uses an infra red signal
with line-of-sight control for added safety.  If the
operator comes within five feet (1.5 meters) of the
roller's front or rear sensing eye with the control box,
the unit will stop moving and vibrating.  A smart
machine for any jobsite.

A patented below the axle exciter in each drum
allows for more efficient transfer of compaction
energy to the soil for superior compaction results.
The Engine Control Module (ECM) with diagnostic
LEDs monitors engine functions: oil pressure,
engine temp, glow plug, battery, tip angle and air
cleaner capacity for easy operation and
Design patented RT rollers feature an easy to open
hood made from a heavy-duty molded material that
is extremely durable, rust free and virtually dent free
Removable fuel and hydraulic tanks along with
hydraulic connectors located on one side of the
lower housings provide for easy accessibility and
improved overall serviceability
These Wacker trench rollers are ideally suited for
the compaction of utility excavations, sub bases for
foundations, roads and parking lots; the sheepsfoot
drums and vibration speed also offer optimum
compaction of cohesive soils

Accessories Include:  Narrow Drum Kits,
Wide Drum Kits and Smooth Drum Kits

We offer replacement drums, hydraulic
pumps, pump seal kits, motors, remote
control transmitters, transmitter batteries,
rebuild kits, control panels, voltage
regulators, receiving eyes, sensors and
other replacement parts for
Wacker trench rollers

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Wacker trench compactor
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Stone compactors,
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Stone stompers,
Stone tampers, walk
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rammers, MBW
power trowels and
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We stock parts for
Multiquip Rammax
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Wacker remote controls for
trench rollers
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