A Turbo precleaner removes up to 98% of the dirt, dust, rain and snow before it
reaches the filter.  Air filter life can be extended by 8 to 10 times, while saving fuel,
maximizing power, and extending engine life.
Turbo Precleaner is the #1 after-market precleaner.  It is engineered to provide each
engine a "custom balance" of protection and performance.  Satisfied equipment users
around the world have found turbo precleaners will...

Provide longer air filter life with lower flow restrictions and higher efficiencies than
anyone else
Reduce the amount of dirt getting to the engine oil
Cut maintenance, labor downtime losses, and costs
Extend engine life, while improving engine efficiency saving fuel and related costs
Last a long, long time; with their "zinc grip" galvanized construction, their 3 mil coat of
polyester powder paint, and their high speed bearings that are guaranteed for the life
of the unit

Use the Turbo precleaner tables below to determine which model and size
precleaner is correct for your application
Turbo Precleaners
Turbo I, Turbo II and Turbo Power Ram Precleaners for heavy equipment
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You'd be surprised to know that your engine's worst enemy is not dirt.  In truth, it's
something much more sinister - and something that you may be completely
unprotected from.
Micro-abrasive dust particles are extremely abrasive.  They have razor-like flakes that
grind and gouge surfaces, alter clearances, and generate even more abrasive debris.  
They are drawn into the engine through the air intake and destroy critical precision parts.
Micro-abrasive dust wreaks havoc on your equipment, your high-tech filters, and your
livelihood.  Its particles drastically degrade engine performance and increase fuel
Not even dual stage filters can stop these devastating particles!!
Micro-abrasive dust meets its match.

There is only one product on the market that is exclusively engineered to eliminate
deadly micro-abrasive dust before it enters the filter - the Turbo Precleaner.
No other precleaner can make this claim.

Regardless of how your may be combating dirt today, the Turbo Precleaner is the single
most critical investment you can make to protect your engine, and your livelihood.
Turbo II
Turbo III
Turbo Power Ram
Flex-N-line Overview:

When space is tight, this under hood precleaner really delivers!  Powered by same
smooth, efficient rotor as our turbo III, Flex-N-line offers designers and installers
advantage of being only rotary ejective precleaner with the performance to operate
efficiently under hood.  Low in restriction and efficient across a wide operating range,
Flex-N-line is a good option for off-highway machines like cranes, telehandlers, skid
steers and other machines where space is a premium. Two sizes serve a wide flow range.
Using a Turbo® Precleaner is the
single most critical thing you can
do to protect your investment. It
pays for itself almost immediately
while it protects your engine and
machine from extreme
environments like those found in
construction, mining, logging,
cement, recycling, waste,
agricultural and similar