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Bavarian Castle Stone Stamp
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MATCRETE® Random Stone Patterns have natural stone configurations capable of producing a rustic appearance. With a wide range of
styles and textures to choose from, these patterns are suitable for almost any outdoor project.
Assembled with hand-cut stones imported from the Alps, MATCRETE® Bavarian Castle Stone fuses both ashler and random stone
patterns together.
Designed with two types of granite, MATCRETE® Extra Large Random Stone has stones that range from 25% to 40% larger then those of
the MATCRETE® Random Stone.
MATCRETE® Flagstone stamps have large pieces of hand cut flagstone that give this pattern a life-like appearance.
MATCRETE® Grand Canyon Stone is one of the industry's most versatile random stone designs. This pattern has deep, groutable joints
that separate large, natural stones.
Designed with large, hand-cut granite, MATCRETE® Random Granite produces a modest appearance.
MATCRETE® Random Rock utilizes rustic stones configured with grouted joints to provide both a rugged look and feel.
Regardless of a driveway, pool deck or patio; the heavily textured fieldstones and natural looking joints of MATCRETE®
Random Stone will give universal beauty to any project.
Similar to the MATCRETE® Random Stone, the MATCRETE® Small Random Stone set is produced with slightly smaller stones.

Matcrete Random Stone Stamps include:

Bavarian Castle Stone
Random Rock
Extra Large Random Stone
Garden Stone
Grand Canyon Stone
Random Granite
Random Stone
Small Random Stone
Split Rubblestone
Matcrete Decorative Concrete - Random Stone Concrete Stamps - Split Rubblestone - Bavarian Castle Stone
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AGT Glow Aggregates for Concrete.
Glow stones and sands for pool decks,
sidewalks, landscaping, countertops
and more.
These glow stones and glowing sands are
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