Efficient core drilling equipment is just as much about maneuverability and ergonomics as it is about capacity and adaptability to different
core drilling jobs. Whether core hole sawing by hand or using a stand, both the concrete core hole saw and the other equipment must be
light, efficient and easy to use. It’s when you can core saw concrete without unnecessary effort and without wasting time, before as well as
during the job, that you can really talk about efficiency.  Husqvarna concrete core drill rigs featuring the DM230, DMS330, DS700 and the
Husqvarna DMS 240
Core Drilling System

The Husqvarna DMS 240 is a
complete core drilling system for
countless drilling applications.  
The tiltable drill stand is
equipped with a convenient
carrying handle.

Two-speed drill motor for
optimal bit diameters
Twin gear carriage
Electronic overload protection
Strong and reliable two speed
DM 230
Handheld Core Drill

The Husqvarna DM 230 is a
handheld core drill motor with
functional ergonomics.  A
padded end cap provides
increased comfort for the
operator.  The machine is
modular and therefore easy to
maintain and service.
DS 800 Core Drilling Rig

The heavy duty Husqvarna DS
800 core drill system is the
contractor's choice for the more
demanding core drilling
applications.  The precision
ground column provides strength
and rigidity for high horsepower
drill motors.  The carriage and
base are made of high strength
aluminum designed to withstand
excessive wear and to ease job
site handling.
DS 700
Core Hole Saw

The Husqvarna DS 700
core drilling rig is the
perfect answer for most
medium sized drilling
jobs.  The rig features an
aluminum slide carriage
and base to create a
strong, lightweight drill
DS 50 Gyro
Telescopic Core Drill
Stand System

The Husqvarna DS 50 Gyro
is a telescopic stand system
that works with most drills.  
The modular system an the
stand's flexibility allow both
straight and angled drilling
in walls, floors and ceilings.
Huqvarna DS 450
Core Drill Stand

The Husqvarna DS 450 Core
Drill is the largest drill stand
in the new Husqvarna drill
stand family.  It is lightweight,
yet very strong.  The base
plate is exceptionally stable
due to its optimized size.  
The Husqvana DS 450 has
an ergonomic handle with a
soft grip which makes it easy
and convenient to transport.
Husqvarna DMS 330
Core Drill Rig

The Husqvarna DMS 330 is a
DS 450 drill stand complete with
a DM 330 core drill motor.  

Dual feed carriage
Maximum 16" bit capacity
ATS-V includes vacuum plate
Plastic strips protect the
aluminum column
Back support for optimized
For core drilling reinforced
concrete, bricks and other
building material.
For angle drilling.
Husqvarna Core Drill Rigs, Diamond Core Hole Saws and Drill Rig Stands - We sell Husqvarna core drill rig parts
The Husqvarna DS 50 Gyro's modular system and stand's flexibility allow both straight and angled drilling in walls, floors and ceilings.
The heavy duty DS 800 drill system is the contractor's choice for the more demanding concrete core drilling applications.
V-groove roller carriage increases stability and more accurate drilling as well as cleaner and straighter holes.  Self-draining leveling
screws permit operation on uneven surfaces.  Husqvarna core drills feature a current limiter called Softstart.  Full speed is reached about
three seconds after the switch is turned on.  
Husqvarna core drills feature Elgard.  When the machine is overloaded, the motor pulsates (rapid fluctuations in rpm).  This occurs at a
level just before the mechanical clutch starts to slip.  If the load is reduced, the machine then returns to normal rpm level and drilling can
continue.  The Smartstart feature is extremely useful when starting a hole.  To simplify the initial stages of core drilling, a button can be
pressed immediately after the machine has been started, reducing the speed considerably.

Husqvarna Diamond Core Drill Bits
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