Honda WB20X
De-Watering Pump

Centrifugal, self-priming 2" pump
w/ 152 gal/min capacity, Honda
4hp OHV commercial engine,
and silicon carbide mechanical
Honda WB30X
De-Watering Pump

Centrifugal, self-priming 3" pump
w/ 275 gal/min capacity, Honda
5.5hp OHV commercial engine,
and silicon carbide mechanical
Honda WMP20X
Multi Purpose Pump

Multi purpose, centrifugal
self-priming 2" pump w/ 220
gal/min capacity, 5.5hp Honda
commercial engine, and
thermoplastic pump housing and
EPDM seals.
Honda WDP30X
Diaphragm Pump

Dry, self-priming 3" diaphragm
pump w/ 4hp Honda OHV engine.
Pumps up to 80 gallons per
minute.  Perfect when low volume,
dry run operation is required.
Honda WT20X
Construction Trash Pump

Heavy-duty 2" construction trash
pump w/ Honda 5.5hp OHV
commercial grade engine, 187
gal/min capacity, and solid
handling capability up to 13/16".
Honda WT30X
Construction Trash Pump

Heavy-duty 3" construction trash
pump w/ Honda 8hp OHV
commercial grade engine, 319
gal/min capacity, and solid
handling capability up to 1-1/16".
Honda WT40X
Construction Trash Pump

Heavy-duty 4" construction trash
pump w/ Honda 11hp OHV
commercial grade engine, 433
gal/min capacity, and solid
handling capability up to 1-1/16".
Honda WH20X
High Pressure Pump

High Pressure, centrifugal,
self-priming 2" pump w/ 134
gal/min capacity, Honda 5.5hp
OHV commercial grade engine,
and lightweight aluminum case.
Honda Trash Pumps, Dewatering Pumps and Diaphragm Pumps in Poplar Bluff, MO
It all starts with the legendary Honda four-stroke engine, because, let's face it, that's the heart of any pump.  These engines have long been
recognized as the industry leader in providing reliable, quiet and fuel-efficient power.  Why is Honda the world's largest manufacturer of
engines?  Reliability.  Our four-stroke technology absolutely sets the standard for reliability.  That's precisely why rental shops and working
professionals greatly prefer Honda equipment.  Because there's virtually no downtime and they last longer than you can even imagine.  Fuel
efficient and quiet.  The fact that our four-strokes are exceptionally clean and quiet are two more attributes.  On the job site, this counts for a
lot.  Easy to start.  Honda is easy to start and easy to use.  All of our Honda pumps and engines are perfectly matched and Honda-engineered
for quality and precision.  
Please call for help with Honda pump parts   573-785-3677
Honda Water Pumps - If you're looking for dependable gas powered water pumps
in Southeast Missouri, look no further.

Honda's WX series water pumps are an excellent choice for homeowners, gardeners and boat owners.  Powered by Honda's easy starting,
quiet-running mini four stroke engine, these models deliver exceptional performance in a truly lightweight package.  Honda de-watering
pumps are the best water pump for applications including irrigation, flood control, light construction, and swimming pool draining.  

Honda's WB series water pumps offer the best features at a value price.  Featuring Honda's commercial grade engine, rugged full frame
protection with anit-vibration mounts, this Honda water pump features a fixed mounted cast iron volute and impeller with a silicon carbide
seal.  This is the ultimate combination of features to provide unsurpassed performance and durability in the toughest conditions.

The WH series Honda water pumps offer high pressure output, so they're the best water pumps for high-pressure applications like using
sprinklers or nozzles.  High pressure pumps are easy to start, extremely reliable and feature a powerful Honda four stroke commercial grade
overhead valve engine offering superior torque and fuel efficiency.  Not to mention they're quiet and virtually smoke-free.

Honda trash pumps are specially designed for job sites and applications where high volume trash water capacity is required.  Honda WT
Series pumps offer highly desired features including our legendary, easy starting and reliable OHV commercial grade engine, rugged full
frame protection, quick release clean-out, and durable silicone carbide mechanical seals.  Other Honda WT construction trash pump features
include a unique conical impeller for improved priming and durability, replaceable stainless steel wear plate for extended life, and a
convenient multi-tool for on-site pump servicing and clean-out.  Honda diaphragm pumps are the most rugged and durable models available.  
The Honda self priming, positive displacement diaphragm pumps offer "run dry" capability and are ideally suited for muddy water, sludge or
any water with a high percentage of solids.

The Honda WMP series multi-purpose pump is especially designed to pump various industrial and agricultural chemicals in addition to clear
water applications.  The WMP series pump features EPDM seals for chemical resistance, a reinforced thermoplastic pump housing and
impeller, and full frame protection with vibration-dampening mounts.  This 2" Honda multi purpose water pump features Honda's commercial
grade engine with Honda Oil Alert to provide outstanding performance for chemical applications.

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