Hilti TE 6-A Li CPC Cordless
Hammer Drill
Drilling range: 3/16" - 3/4".
Optimum drilling range: 5/16" -
5/8". 36 volt rotary hammer drill
using a Lithium-Ion battery.
Hilti TE 7-A Cordless Hammer
The TE 7-A cordless rotary
hammer drill provides
impressive drilling power and
range per battery charge
provided by the new lithium-ion
(li-Ion) standard.
Hilti TE 80 and TE 80-ATC
Combihammer - More power,
less vibration, more productivity.  
With an industry leading 1700
watt motor and an unbeaten
rotational speed of 360 rpms, the
new Hilti TE80 combihammer
sets new standards in drilling
and chiseling.
Hilti DG 150 Grinder
Revolutionary new dust free
diamond grinder with vacuum.  
Hilti also offers the VCD 50 Dry
Vacuum to control airborne
debris in the work environment
by removing up to 95% grinding
Hilti DX 460-IE Fastener
Fastest available thermal
insulation fastening to concrete,
steel and masonry for material
thickness from 1 in. to 5-1/2 in
Hilti TE 70 Combihammer
The Hilti TE 70 and TE 70 ATC
are designed for top drilling and
chiseling performance. ATC
provides added operator
Hilti DX 460 MX  Powder Actuated
Long-life buffer fixed to baseplate
Significantly improves

NEW magazine design
Fast, reliable, durable
Hilti DSH 700 / 900 High Speed
Gas Cutoff Saw , Hilti concrete
Hilti GX 120 Gas Actuated
The innovative Hilti GX 120 is
ruggedly built, perfectly balanced
and designed with professionals
like you in mind.
Hilti DD 130 Diamond Coring
System Discontinued
Features a quick -switch from
wet to dry and convenient
side-handle water flow
adjustment. Wet coring in
reinforced concrete for 15/32" to
6" holes to precise coring of
anchoring holes 15/32" to 1-5/8"
Hilti PRI 2 Rotating Laser
The new Hilti PRI 2 Rotating
Laser delivers pinpoint accuracy
for all leveling and aligning
Hilti DD 200 PRO Diamond Core
Rig System
The new Hilti DD 200 PRO is a
compact, convenient diamond
coring system that is easy to
transport and set up, easy to
understand and easy to operate.
Hilti PR 25 IF Laser
Auto Alignment System quickly
aligns the laser beam by the
touch of a button
Remote control and electronic
receiver in one device
Unique leveling system helps
ensure the highest accuracy
every time
Hilti DCH 300
Electric Cutoff Saw -
cutting to unrivalled depths, the
new Hilti DCH 300 and DCH 230
Electric Diamond Saws excel
thanks to their truly outstanding
ergonomic design.  With the grip
and cutting disc in exactly the
same axis and a powerful 2,600
watt motor with intelligent Smart
Power control for superb
peformance, these Hilti concrete
saws make cutting not only more
accurate but also easier and
safer than ever before.
Hilti PS 200 Ferroscan
The Hilti PS200 Ferroscan is a
portable, quick and easy-to-use
system for detecting rebar and
other ferrous objects in concrete
Hilti SD 2500 Drywall Screwdriver
A high-torque screwdriver for
heavy interior finishing
Hilti PX 10 Transpointer
A solution to determine start and
exit points for your drilling/coring
applications. The easy-to-read
display shows wall thickness for
selection of the proper bit.
Hilti PMC 36 Combilaser - A
unique combination of lines and
points made visible at the touch
of a button: The new Hilti PMC 36
combilaser unites all the
advantages of two professional
grade tools.  Working with this
new tool, a single person can
easily complete a whole range of
alignment and setting-jobs,
including many demanding
tasks, in a minimum of time.
Hilti PP 10 Pipe Laser
Hilti's new PP 10 red lasers offer
great beam visibility, excellent
weather protection and feature
Auto-Alignment technology - all in
a compact design.
Hilti SF 4000 Cordless Drywall
18 volt drywall tool ideal for
professional users. Cordless
Hilti PP 11 Pipe Laser
Hilti's new PP 11 green pipe
lasers offer great beam visibility,
excellent weather protection and
feature Auto-Alignment™
technology - all in a compact
Hilti TE 7C
Rotary Hammer Drill
Drilling range: 3/16" - 1".
Optimum drilling range: 5/16" -
9/16". Features a chiseling
Hilti TE 905 AVR Demolition
The Hilti TE 905 features a
powerful 1600W motor for
maximum chiseling power and
durable construction for
exceptional tool life.  Equipped
with Hilti Theft Protection System
and Active Vibration Reduction for
increased operator comfort.

Discontinued Item
Hilti VC 20U and VC 40U
Vacuum Systems - Powerful,
ruggedly built and extremely
efficient, the new Hilti VCU
wet/dry vacuum cleaners are the
key to a clean, virtually dustless
workplace.  Offering constantly
high suction performance,
impressive versatility and an
extremely practical design, these
universal wet/dry vacuum
cleaners are the perfect partners
for a wide range of Hilti Tools.
Hilti tools include: Hilti Hammer Drills, Hilti Laser Levels, Hilti Cutoff Saws, Powder Actuated Fasteners, Hilti Pipe Lasers, Circular Saws,
Reciprocating Saws, Drywall Screwdrivers, Diamond Grinders, Cordless Hammer Drills, Diamond Blades, and Hilti Core Drill Rigs -
Featuring the New TE1000 Demolition Hammer, DS 700 concrete saw and PD4 laser range meter.
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