Hilti Hit RE 500 SD Epoxy Adhesive - The first adhesive anchor to comply with the latest building code offering
designers a strength design solution for anchors and rebar.
Enables thread and doweling applications in seismic design conditions under the latest building code
Hilti RE 500 Epoxy Adhesive - Generous working time of approximately 30 minutes and cure time of only 12 hours at
Versatile all year with a temperature range from 23F - 120F
Provides reliable fastening even when holes are drilled using diamond coring equipment or pneumatic drills
Great for hot climates, deep rebar embedment, underwater and oversized hole applications
HIT ICE - Cold Weather Adhesive - Solution to performing cold weather installations even when base material
temperatures are as low as -10F
Same high quality performance as HIT HY 150
Dispenses fast and easy even in freezing weather
HIT HY 20 Hybrid Adhesive - Allows for dependable fastening and a quick cure over a wide range of temperatures in
hollow base materials
HY 20 performs reliably where the quality of brick and mortar is inconsistent, even when the size and location of voids
are unknown
HY 20 is suited to solve multi wythe anchoring problems in renovation and seismic upgrades of unreinforced masonry
HVU Adhesive Capsule - High load capacity, small edge distance and anchor spacing allowance
Excellent dynamic load resistance and performance in diamond cored holes
Excellent performance in freezing and thawing conditions
No hole brushing required - just blow out hole with compressed air
HIT HY 10 - Adhesive Anchor - Versatile fast cure solution for nonspecified fastening points suited for the everyday
Flexibility to fasten into both solid and hollow concrete and masonry base material
Use one dispenser for all Hilti HIT Adhesive Anchor Systems
  Hilti HFX Hybrid Adhesive - Formulated for fast curing and easy installation in a wide range of base materials
Injects directly into solid base materials and uses Hilti screen tubes for hollow base materials
Single, self-opening cartridge fits any standard hard cartridge dispenser
Hilti Adhesive Anchor Systems - Hilti RE500, RE500SD Epoxy - HY150 - HY150 MAX- HIT ICE - HFX -
HVU Hybrid Adhesive

To address the various conditions found on today's construction projects, Hilti offers the most complete selection of products.  We call it
the HIT Portfolio.  No matter what application you have on the jobsite, Hilti has a product for you.  Every product in the HIT Portfolio was
developed using the same stringent standards and is backed by the experience of the company that brought cartridge adhesive anchor
systems to the world...Hilti.
HDA Undercut Anchor - Fast and easy self undercutting setting operation
Ductile high strength anchor for safety relevant, heavy duty fastenings with excellent performance in cracked concrete
Undercut segments provide cast-in-place performance and keying load transfer with limited expansion forces for
reduced edge distances and anchor spacings
Kwik Bolt 3 - Rounded end for easy installation and dog point impact section to prevent thread damage during
Standard thread bolts for high shear application, long thread bolts for greater flexibility
Available in carbon steel, hot-dip galvanized, 304SS and 316SS to suit any environment
Best approval rating in class
HDI Drop-In Anchor - Anchor, setting tool and Hilti drill bit form a matched tolerance system to provide reliable
Below surface setting for easy patchwork
Allows for shallow embedment without sacrificing performance
Metal HIT - Drive Anchor -  Quick and easy fastening for maximum speed and installation
Low profile mushroom head style provides a nice finish and tamper proof fastening
Anchor design allows easy through-type fastenings even in bottomless holes
Choice of Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel nail allows for indoor or outdoor use
Hilti Drop In Anchors and Kwik Bolt 3 Wedge Anchors
Hilti Firestop Systems - Firestop Block, Firestop Putty, Firestop Plugs and Hilti Firestop Sleeve
FS 657 - Fire Block - Suitable for new penetrations or re-penetration, Economical use with short installation times
Easy installation - no special tools required - Ideal for use in floors, no forming is required
Smoke resistant
One-sided wall systems available
CP 617 Firestop Putty Pad -  An intumescent moldable firestop putty designed to help protect electrical outlet boxes
Applied by hand
Fast installation
Available sizes include 6" x 7", 7" x 7" and 9" x 9"
CP 618 - Firestop Putty Stick - An intumescent, non-hardening, firestop putty for cable and pipe penetrations
Reusable - Fast installation
Easy to add or remove cables
CP 637 Firestop mortar - Fire resistant, mortar suitable for firestopping large openings
Quick setting, forms can be removed in as little as 2 hours
Can be used in horizontal or vertical applications with no shrinking during curing process
FS One - High performance Intumescent Firestop Sealant -  Protects most typical firestop penetration applications
Easy to work with, paintable, and fast cleanup
Meets LEED requirements for indoor environmental quality credit 4.1 Low Emitting Materials, Sealants and Adhesives
and 4.2 Paints and Coatings
CP 658 Firestop Plug -  Suitable for laying new cables later
Fast and easy installation, saving time and money with no special tool required
Immediately functional after installation and smoke resistant
CP 675T Firestop Board -  Satisfies a wide range of application scenarios
Allows for high flexibility and eases repenetration / cable mining from one side of the wall
Labor saving one person, one sided installation method
Easy to cut without electric tools
CP 653 Speed Sleeve -  Fast installation with fast penetration and repenetration
Extremely low L-ratings
Withstands the rigors of use and time
Available in 2" and 4"
Hilti Hammer Drill Bits, Chisels, Diamond Blades, Diamond Core Drill Bits and Grinding Cups
Hilti TE CX SDS Masonry Bits - Carbide Tipped
Fractional Bits and Metric Bits
Sizes ranging from 3/16" to 1"
TE YP SDS Max Chisels - Flat Chisels, Scaling
Chisels, Offset Chisels, Channel Chisels, Clay
Spades, Flexible Chisels and Carbide Bushing
Hilti TE CP SDS Chisels - Pointed,
Self-Sharpening, Flat Chisels, Mortar Chisels,
Channel Chisels, Curved Mortar/Joint Chisels,
Wide Flat Scaling Chisels and Thin Wall Core
Hilti Diamond Core Bits - Wet Core Bits, Coastal
Bits, Super Premium Core Bits, Dry Diamond
Core Bits and Retippable DD-B Modular Core
TE T SDS Top Masonry Bits - Carbide Tipped
Fractional and Metric Bits - TE TP Chisels,
Offset Chisels, Bushing Tools and Offset
Hilti Diamond Blades - Contractor Pro Blades,
Premium Dry Diamond Blades, PowerPro Low
HP Series Blades and Transpro Series
TE Y SDS Max Bits - Carbide Tipped Bits
ranging from 1/2" to 2"
Carbide Tipped Cruciform Bits and Carbide
Tipped Single Piece Core Bits
Hilti Diamond Cup Wheels - Single Row, Double
Row and Turbo Style, Tuck Point Blades,
Concrete Joint Blades, Resin Fiber Flap Discs
and Premium Wire Brush Cups
Hilti combihammers, lasers, concrete saws, diamond core drills and other power tools
We stock Hilti power tool repair parts and accessories
Hilti Epoxy Systems
Hilti Firestop Sealants
Hilti Drill Bits
Hilti Concrete Anchors