Hilti VCU Vacuum Cleaner

Hilti VCU Vacuums feature a
1 Year No Cost Warranty
Hilti VC20 and VC40 Vacuum Systems

Clean, dust control, safety.

Powerful, ruggedly built and extremely efficient, the new Hilti VCU
wet/dry vacuum cleaners are the key to a clean, virtually dustless
workplace.  Offering constantly high suction performance, impressive
versatility and an extremely practical design, these universal wet/dry
Hilti vacuum cleaners are the perfect partners for a wide range of Hilti
power tools

The new system cleans the filter automatically every 15 seconds by
briefly reversing the air flow inside the vacuum cleaner.

Use of the dust removal system extends the life of tools and

New filter design creates full use of the container capacity allowing a
much smaller and lighter vacuum
Hilti VC 20U and
VC 40U Vacuum
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The Hilti VCU Vacuum Cleaner is designed to work as a dust removal
system for the Hilti DCH 300 and DCH 230 Electric Diamond Cutters.

Dustless combo packages are available with saws