Hilti PX 10 Transpointer

The new innovative Hilti PX 10 Transpointer provides a fast and
easy solution to determine the start and exit point for your
drilling and coring applications without time consuming
measuring or pilot holes.  The easy to read display show wall
thickness for easy selection of the proper drill bit or core bit for
the application.  The PXA 70 slope adapter allows for the
versatility in drilling or coring at an angle.  Innovative and easy,
the Hilti PX 10 keeps you on the right mark every time.

  • Eliminate time consuming procedures such as drilling
    pilot holes, manual measuring and "trial and error"
  • Reduce inconvenient overhead drilling by locating points
    through a floor or wall allowing holes to be drilled from
    either side.
  • Single person operation with use of adhesive putty
  • Ability to measure wall and ceiling thickness of most
    materials such as: wood, drywall, block, concrete with or
    without rebar
  • Use of the slope adapter allows angle drilling and coring
Hilti PX 10
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