Hilti PRI 2 Laser with Remote
Hilti PRI 2 Rotating Laser w/ Remote Control

  • Fully automatic horizontal and vertical leveling
  • 360 degree remote control use
  • Out of level indicator reduces errors
  • Hilti PRI 2 Laser features a four handle Hilti design for
    added tool protection and easy handling
  • Optional rechargeable battery pack for hours of
    continuous use

Available as PRI 2 Rotating Laser , PRI 2 Interior Kit, PRI 2
Interior Kit Rechargeable and PRI 2 Deluxe Kit w/ PRA 22
Receiver and tripod

The Hilti PRI 2 Self Leveling Laser comes with a 2 Year No
Costs Warranty and a Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty

One free calibration per year
during the 2 year no costs period
Hilti PRI 2 Rotating Laser
w/ Remote Control

Accuracy     + - 1/8" at 100'
Range     up to 100' w/o receiver
7' to 500' radius with PRA 22 receiver
Horizontal or vertical alignment
2 D alkaline batteries or optional
rechargeable battery pack
40-50 hour battery life
3.5 lbs
To place an order or if you have
questions about this Hilti laser level,
please call
Hilti PRI2 Self Leveling Laser
Hilti PRI2 Laser