Hilti PP10 Pipe Laser
Hilti PP 10 Red Beam Pipe Laser

Easy to operate pipe laser featuring remote controlled horizontal
beam adjustment.  Maximum accuracy provided through
automatic transverse axis height control technology.  The
ultimate tool for convenient pipe laying work

  • Determining, transferring and checking horizontal and
    inclined planes in pipe laying work: for example, setting
    the gradient of drains and sewage pipes, checking
    alignments of pipe systems
  • Wide self-leveling feature and long working range
  • Extremely compact design
  • Up to 24 hours of operation
  • Water and dust resistant

Hilti PP 10 Pipe Laser comes with a 2 Year No Cost Warranty
and Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty
Hilti PP 10
Red Beam Pipe Laser

Accuracy at 75F   1/16"@60ft
10% Self leveling range
-15% - 40% Inclination range
-4 to 122F Operating temp range
8.4 lbs including battery pack
To place an order or if you have
questions about the Hilti pipe laser,
please call  

Includes Hilti PP 10 Laser w/ batt pack, PPA remote,
Charging adaptor with converter, 1 large and 1 small
target plate, 4",6",8",10" and 12" foot screws, 1PPA 30
self centering screw, 4 AAA batteries and operating
instructions in an impact resistant plastic tool box
Hilti PP 10 Pipe Laser - Red Beam
Hilti PP10 Red Beam Pipe Laser