Hitli PMC 36 Combilaser

Hilti PMC 36 Combilaser

Double the advantages in a unique combination.

Hilti PMC36 Combilaser - A unique combination of lines and points
made visible at the touch of a button: The new Hilti PMC 36 unites all
the advantages of two professional grade tools.  Working with this new
tool, a single person can easily complete a whole range of alignment
and setting-out jobs, including many demanding tasks, in a minimum
of time.

Leveling, aligning, checking plumbs and transferring right angles

Vertical alignment or leveling of supports, walls, ceilings and floors

Setting out framing at right angles

Transferring fastening points from floors to ceilings

5 easily visible laser points at the touch of a button

2 easily visible laser reference lines (horizontal and vertical)
The Hilti PMC36 Combilaser
comes with a 2 Year No
Cost Warranty
We offer a range of spare parts for Hilti Lasers