Hilti DX 460MX
Fully Automatic
Powder Actuated
Hilti DX 460 MX
Fully Automatic Powder Actuated Fastener

The ultimate solution for fastening materials from drywall track to 2x4s,
as well as suspended ceiling applications, insulation and grating to
concrete and steel.

Fully automatic cartridge advance and piston return system gives you a
higher fastening rate without manually cycling the tool.

Magazine accessory allows for increased productivity using collated
strips of 10 fasteners

Optional narrow-access baseplate for single fastening applications
using fasteners with pre-mounted steel washers

The Hilti DX 460 comes with a 2 year No Costs Warranty and
a Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty
Hilti DX460 MX
Automatic Fastener

1/2" - 2 7/8" range
7.78 lbs w/ mag
To place an order or if you have questions
about the Hilti DX460 concrete nail gun,
please call
Hilti DX460 Powder Actuated Nail Gun