Diamond Blades for saw cutting concrete with a walk behind saws - Soff Cut diamond blades for early entry saws -
blades for cutting asphalt and concrete with asphalt overlay - We sell diamond blades from Husqvarna Soff Cut -
Target, Wacker, Hilti, Americut and Diteq
How does a diamond blade work?
A diamond tool consists of a support blade, a wire or drill tube, together with a cutting edge that has segments or beads
containing diamonds. The segments or beads consist of a mixture of diamonds and a bond, usually a metal powder,
which is sintered together under high pressure and temperature. The tool’s performance is related to the quality of the
diamonds and the concentration of diamonds in the segments. When used, the diamond tool forms an increasingly
deeper groove in the material that is being cut. The diamonds in the surface of the segments wear down eventually, at
the same time as the bond is worn away to expose new diamonds. So it is also very important that the hardness of the
bond is suitable for the material to be cut.
We now have Soff Cut diamond blades for
Husqvarna Early Entry Concrete Saws
We stock diamond blades for every application.  
Whether you are cutting asphalt with a high
horsepower walk behind saw, or saw cutting
concrete joints with a low horsepower green cut
saw, we have the perfect blade for your job.
Please contact a blade specialist, at Dowd
Supply, for information and pricing.
Our premium line of professional diamond blades are
made in the U.S.A. and guaranteed to give you the best
Husqvarna Diagrip Blades

Diagrip2 is the latest Husqvarna innovation for diamond tools.
Based on the Diagrip technology which distributes the
diamonds in a 3D matrix inside the segment, Diagrip2 also
optimizes the distribution of the contact areas. Smaller
contact areas with higher diamond concentration provide
substantially lower friction, giving more energy for the cutting
itself, which in turn increases both cutting speed and tool
versatility. This optimization of the segment geometry
combined with the Diagrip technology is giving birth to a
state-of-the-art range of diamond tools, with a much wider
application window than any others.