Diamond Core Drill Bits - Concrete Coring Bits for Core Hole Saws, Core Drills
Sizes range from 3/8" to 14" diameter
Millenium Bits - Maximum Performance concrete core hole bits
5500 FC is for fastest possible drilling on critically hard materials like
concrete with heavy reinforcing.  Also effective on granite, marble and
other stone material.  5500 Standard is for longest life and lowest cost
per hole when core drilling a wide range of critically hard materials with
steel reinforcing.  Also for brick and block.  5500 Limestone is for longest
life and lowest cost per hole when drilling a wide range of medium to soft
materials with or without steel reinforcing.
Millenium Bits - High Performance - Diamond Core Drill Bits
5400 FC is for extremely fast drilling of medium-hard to hard concrete
with heavy steel.  5400 Soft is for fast core drilling of medium-hard to hard
concrete with heavy steel.  5400 Medium is for core drilling cured
concrete with medium to soft aggregates with or without steel
reinforcing.  5400 Prestressed is for drilling prestressed concrete and
concrete with stressed rebar.
Millenium Bits - Professional - Diamond Core Drill Bits
5300 Soft is for drilling critically hard concrete with heavy steel.  5300
Medium is for good balance of speed and life for core hole sawing
medium-hard to hard concrete with medium to heavy steel reinforcing.  
5300 Hard is for asphalt and concrete with soft, abrasive aggregate.  Also
for core drilling air-cured refractories.
Banner Line Diamond Core Bits - General Purpose, Concrete and
Banner Line is for general purpose core hole drilling of concrete,
masonry and brick, including concrete with soft to hard aggregate and
light to medium steel reinforcing.  Banner Line core drill bits are also
effective on granite, marble and stone.
Dri Bits - Diamond Core Drill Bits
Dri Bits are for drilling brick and lightweight block or concrete block
materials.  Not recommended for use on cured concrete.  The specially
designed barrel vents keep bits cool and provide fast removal of cuttings.  
Use on core drilling machines or right angle grinders (mount bits directly
onto standard 5/8"-11 grinder spindles).  This core hole bit drills faster
than conventional carbide tipped percussion bits, for a smoother finish
and little patching.  High production core hole bit; low cost with
exceptional life.
Husqvarna's range of diamond core bits is the result of more than 60 years experience of core drilling.  We work hand in hand with
customers worldwide and specifications are continually developed and improved to ensure top-quality core drill bits optimized for most
applications.  Laser welding technology and high-temperature brazing guarantees trouble-free operation for the most demanding users of
concrete drilling equipment.

Need help choosing the right core bit?  Please give us a call at 1-573-785-3677

Husqvarna Diamond Core Bits - Concrete core hole bits for core drill rigs
Millenium Series - Top quality diamond core drill bit designed for medium to large jobs providing best performance and lowest cost per
hole.  Diamond core hole bits are available in three quality ranges for all applications, including concrete, brick, block and asphalt.
Banner Line Series - General Purpose core drill bits for concrete, masonry and brick.  Designed for small to medium size jobs with good
performance at an economical price.
Dri Bits - General purpose diamond bits for dry drilling featuring barrel vents for cooling.  Intended for drilling brick and block with core hole