Wacker BTS 635S Concrete and Steel Cutoff Saws - These
portable chopsaws prevent piston jamming and are thus
unbeatable when it comes to performance and economic
efficiency - These Wacker Demolition Saws offer the highest
power to weight ratio of their class plus outstanding ergonomic
features.  Models include: BTS630 and BTS635S
We still carry parts for these Wacker saws
BTS 930
BTS 935
BTS 1030
BTS 1035
Husqvarna - Partner Chop Saws and Demo Saws - Husqvarna is
a world leader in handheld demo saws and cutoff saw -
Husqvarna/Partner offers all types of handheld cutters such as:
concrete chainsaws, ringsaws, hydraulic and gas powered cutoff
saws, the K650 Cut-n-Break and pneumatic powered cutters.  
Models include:
K760 Cutoff Saw
K960 Cutoff Saw
K1250 Cutoff Saw
K960 Chain
K960 Ring, Gas Powered Ring Saw
K1250 Rail
K40 Power Cutter
K3000 Electric Chopsaw
K650 Cut n Break
K2500 Hydraulic Saw
K3600 MKII Hydraulic Ring Saw
Hilti Handheld Gas Powered Cutoff Saws - Hilti DS-HS handheld
gas demo saws feature a narrow body design and taller motor for
better balance and less vibration - Triple filtration system,
reversible steel flanges and double-reinforced guard for long life.
We still carry parts for the following Hilti saws
DS-HS 64/12
DS-HS 64/14
DS-HS 80/14 V2
DS-HS 80/16
Multiquip Sidewinder Cutoff Saw for Steel and Concrete - The
Multiquip Side Winder is an easy to handle gas powered demo
saw designed to tackle a variety of sawing applications.  The
Multiquip Side Winder features a proven triple air filtration system,
reversible blade flange to handle both 20mm and 1" blade arbors
and sturdy front roller bar assembly.  Operates either 12" or 14"
blade.  Models include:
Husqvarna - Target Diamond Blades for concrete cutoff saws -
Diamond blades and cutting wheels for demo saws, concrete
saws, chop saws and hand held cutoff saws - Diamond rings for
ring saws, diamond chains for concrete chainsaws and Cut n
Break blades for the
K760 Cut n Break.  Please call for help
choosing the right cutoff saw blade
Diteq Tequik Concrete Cutoff Saws - 963TTA and 983TTA -
Lightweight and powerful hand held concrete saws available with
14" or 16" blade capacity.  These cutoff saws feature a wet cutting
kit, a multi stage air filter system and reversible inner blade
flange.  Our Tequik concrete saws come standard with rollers and
an easy start decompression button.
Concrete Cutoff Saws, Chop Saws, Demo Saws, Concrete Chainsaws and Ring Saws from
Husqvarna - Partner, Multquip, Wacker, Diteq and Hilti - Handheld cut off saws for concrete and steel cutting
Please call for help with Wacker concrete saw parts and Husqvarna cutoff saw parts - 573-785-3677
We stock Husqvarna Partner
K650 rebuild kits, crankshafts,
cylinder and piston kits,
carburetors.  Other parts
include; K750, K950 and
K1250 starters, air filters,
pistons, carburetors and
ignition coils.

We stock a wide range of
Husqvarna accessories and
safety supplies like hardhats,
faceshields, gloves, gear
bags, and safety glasses.
We stock parts for Wacker, Makita, Dolmar, Hilti,
Husqvarna, Partner and Stihl concrete saws
Husqvarna 14" Bar and
Diamond Chain -Fits
Husqvarna K960 / K970
Chainsaw - Also Fits
Partner K950 Chain