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Diaphragm Pump


Wacker diaphragm
pumps - for jobs no
other pumps can
Wacker Diaphragm Pump - 2" and 3" portable units

Wacker PDT2 and PDT3 Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm trash pumps for jobs no other pumps can handle.  Wacker
diaphragm trash pumps can move anything that flows.  Built with high quality
components, you will be assured of many years of top performance and
durability.  Wacker diaphragm pumps are designed to handle solids up to
1 3/4 inches, ideal for dewatering mud slurries and seepage areas.

  • Wacker PDT 2 and PDT 3 diaphragm pumps feature an aluminum
    alloy body with heavy-duty pump diaphragm
  • Surge chamber on inlet side results in smooth pumping operation by
    absorbing pressure spikes while reducing wear
  • Oil bath lubricated transmission ensures continuous lubrication to all
    parts of the gear transmission system, reducing both maintenance
    costs and lost production time
  • Hardened forged gears extend pump life and provide efficient power
    transmission from the engine to the pump
  • Straight through water flow design provides high production pump
    capacity and less down time blockages

Wacker PDI/T2 and PDI/T3 diaphragm pumps offer an inline design

Accessories Include:  2" and 3" Strainers, Hose Clamps,
Water Shank Couplings, Quick Disconnect Couplings,
Discharge Hose and Suction Hose
We sell seals, o rings,
valves, gaskets,
diaphragms and other
parts for Wacker
diaphragm pumps.  
Please call for help with
Wacker PDT2 and PDT3
diaphragm pump parts.
To place an order or if you have questions
about the Wacker diaphragm pump or Wacker
pump parts,
please call

Wacker PDT2A 2" Diaphragm Pump    Price  $1599.90
Wacker PDT3A 3" Diaphragm Pump    Price  $1699.90
Please call for help with Wacker parts for diaphragm trash pumps- 573-785-3677
Wacker Diaphragm for PDT3 /
PDT3a 3" Diaphragm pumps
OEM pn 0089596
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the continental U.S.
Wacker Diaphragm for PDT2 /
PDT2a 2" Diaphragm pumps
OEM pn 0089595
Free ground shipping within
the continental U.S.