Wacker Neuson Oil Injected
Vibratory Rammer Tampers / Jumping Jacks

These Wacker upright rammers are powered by a
WM80 engine that features a unique patented
oil-injection system - A unique patented oil injection
system provides reliable performance by
eliminating spark plug fouling and carbon buildup.  
The no mix system is an added convenience for
operators.  Plus an amazing fuel to oil ratio of 120:1
allows for longer and cleaner running times....up to
65 hours on a single tank of oil.  A low oil shutdown
switch prevents running the tamper without oil for
trouble free operation.

Powered by Wacker's exclusive WM 80 engine, the
only 2-cycle engine specifically designed and built
for an oil injected jumping jack and meets EPA
emissions standards

Patented vented carb evacuates air from the fuel
line for easy starting.  An integrated fuel valve and
gas lever also provide for simple operation and
easy starting of these Wacker tampers by
eliminating air in the fuel line.

Automatic shutoff feature will shut down these oil
injected tampers if left idling for an extended period
of time, reducing emissions and carbon build-up.

Rugged Wacker rammer designed for the
compaction of cohesive, mixed and granular soils
in confined areas

The BS50, BS60 and BS70 Wacker rammers
feature an air-cooled, single cylinder, Wacker
WM80 gasoline engine.
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questions about compaction equipment,
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Wacker Neuson Oil Injected 2 cycle rammers
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These tampers are a great choice for utilities contractors that need a
machine to compact soil in excavated trenches
Starting the Wacker BS50-2i and BS60-2i rammers
Need help selecting the right plate Wacker Neuson compactor or rammer
tamper for your application?  Please give us a call, and we'll be glad to help.