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Wacker BS 50-2
2 Cycle Rammer
Jumping Jack
Wacker Neuson BS50-2 2 cycle Rammer Tamper

Two-cycle rammers: Only available from Wacker Neuson
Wacker Neuson rammers have long been accepted as the standard
setters in the construction industry. They have been developed for
maximum productivity, performance and durability. They are powered by
the exclusive WM 80 engine, designed and built by Wacker Neuson.
Thanks to its catalytic converter the emissions fall significantly below the
air emission standards. The most environmentally friendly gasoline
rammer engine in the market. Automatic shutoff feature will shut down the
engine if left idling for 10 minutes,providing additional fuel and emission
Easy start-up: Reliable starting in idle with automatic choke thanks to the
vented carburetor.
Strong performance: High percussion rate, powerful stroke, high stroke
energy, fast advance travel
A unique four-stage air filtration system provides a virtually dust-free
engine for longer life and improved durability. The system includes a last
chance filter that protects the engine during air filter maintenance.
Compact design offers easy operation, especially in trenches

The guide handle offers a highly engineered, built in shockmount system
to reduce HAV (hand-arm vibration) and improve operator comfort.

Available accessories:  Wheel Kits and Wood Shoe Kits for a
BS50-2 Wacker jumping jack tamper

We stock replacement boots for Wacker rammers / tampers
and other Wacker spare parts - Parts for Wacker Neuson
WM80 motors.
  To place an order, or if you have questions
about Wacker BS50-2 rammer tamper parts,
please call
Please call for help with Wacker parts, we stock centrifugal
clutches for Wacker tampers and replacement boots for Wacker
rammers  -  
Wacker BS50-2 Rammers have set the standard in the construction industry
Wacker Neuson Jumping Jack Rammer Tampers

BS50-2 Two Stroke Rammer     Sale Price  $2279.00

The BS50-2 is our best selling 2 cycle upright tamper
We stock Wacker jumping jack parts and Wacker compactor parts
Air Filters
Bellows and
4" Wood Shoe Kits for BS50 Rammers