K960 Gas Powered
Concrete and Steel Cutoff

The Husqvarna K960
Cutoff Saw has been
replaced by the K970

Husqvarna K960 features X-Torq
engine, SmartCarb, Durastarter
and Active Air Filteration
Husqvarna K960
Rescue Saw
Husqvarna Partner K960 - Discontinued
Gas Powered Cutoff Saw for Steel and Concrete
The K960 Demo Saw has been replaced by the K970

The Husqvarna K960 gas powered concrete cutoff saw has the
exclusive DualCharge engine technology, providing extreme
power, low emissions and excellent fuel economy.  Higher
torque means more usable power and higher productivity than
other saws in its class.  Able to cut up to 6" deep with a 16"
blade, the Husqvarna Partner K960 gas powered cutoff saw
boasts an impressive 6.1 hp and the market's best
power/weight ratio.  Perfect for cutting steel and concrete.

  • Active Air Filtration increases life of filters by 3-5 times
  • SmartCarb ensures high power is retained
  • EasyStart provides 50% easier starts
  • Dura Starter reduces wear on the starter
  • Easy adjust blade guard and reversible cutting arm
    makes work easier and more productive
  • Self-lubricating clutch bearings extend product life
94cc, 6.1HP, 14 - 16" blade diameter, 5-6" cutting depth

The new DEX dust handling system provides cleaner
concrete cutting with less water usage

The New Husqvarna K960 Rescue Saw is perfect for rescue
and clearing jobs: cutting in masonry, concrete and metal.  
Everything from buildings, roads, bridges, trains and airplanes.  
The Husqvarna K960 Rescue Saw features a chromium plated
blade guard, a specially designed starter handle and an
adjustable carrying strap.
Husqvarna concrete cutoff saws

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Husqvarna K960 / K970 concrete saw,
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Diamond Blades for the K960 / K970 Cutoff Saw
The Husqvarna Partner K960 cutoff saw for concrete, masonry in alteration, renovation and new
construction -
We now offer the new Husqvarna K970 Concrete Saw in 14" and 16"
The Husqvarna K960 Rescue Saw is perfect for clearing jobs and rescue applications
Husqvarna KV960
The Husqvarna KV960 Cart Kit

A compact cutting cart, developed specifically for the Husqvarna K960 cutoff saw.  
The quick mount makes it easy to install the K960 saw on the cart
Depth control accessible from working position
Lateral adjustment makes straight line cutting easy to achieve and allows for cutting
up-close to walls
Easy fold up and transport
Complete with a 4 gallon water tank

We sell spare parts for Husqvarna and Partner cutoff saws including; air filters, spark
plugs, carburetors, carb kits, blade guards, belts, ignition coils, recoil starters, pistons,
piston rings and complete cylinder assemblies.  We continue to stock many parts for older
Partner saws.  Give us a call, and we'll be glad to help you find the parts you need for your
Husqvarna / Partner concrete saw.
We stock Husqvarna
Partner K650, K700,
K750 and K960
crankshafts, cylinder
and piston kits,
carburetors.  Other
parts include; K750,
K650 and K960
starters, air filters,
pistons, carburetors
and ignition coils.

We stock a wide
range of Husqvarna
accessories and
safety supplies like
hardhats, faceshields,
gloves, gear bags,
and safety glasses.
Husqvarna K950
cylinder and piston
Husqvarna K960,
K970 and K950 air
K960 Carburetor
Husqvarna K960 /
K970 cylinder and
piston assembly
Husqvarna 14"
Diamond Chain &
Bar for the K960 /
K970 Chain Saw -
Also Fits
Partner K950
Chain saw
Check out for illustrated
parts manuals